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Happy Anniversary!

It's official -- we've been married 1 year! While our anniversary trip to Vegas isn't for two more weeks, tonight we celebrated with our wedding cake top tier and dinner at Catch-35 in Naperville.

Here we are:

So fun facts about our cake top tier: 1) It traveled through multiple states and various methods of transportation: From my parents' house to my brother's college apartment via car (4 hours, I'm sure it thawed a bit)From my brother's college apartment to our hotel room (we were visiting for his graduation)From our hotel to Chicago via car, airplane overhead bin, train, and another car (definite thawing)Into our freezer for another two months (we intercepted the cake in May, didn't have our anniversary until July) Two days before our anniversary, I put the cake in the fridge to thaw (again) and took it with us to enjoy at our anniversary dinner. I'd already peeked in the box and saw our decimated cake due to the travel/thaw cycle from May:

What …