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2012 SO Retreat - Chicago

Had the BEST time this past weekend with all of my girls visiting us in Chicago! Some pics from the weekend:
Saturday in Millennium Park

 Saturday night dinner -- the group split, and here are some shots of us who went to Sola:

 Back at the hotel suite:

Katiedid Headband Raffle!

As promised, a contest for every 1,000 hits or 100 followers on The Final Boarding Call. I'm SO EXCITED to present my blog's very first contest ever (as I just hit 4,000 hits (get it?) and thought to myself 'Self, it's high time for a Raffle Giveaway.'

So, what to give away? I started thinking about all of the adorable things I've seen online recently and thought .... Katie. Well, Katie is adorable, but I don't think she'd take kindly to me raffling her off to my readers. But I was so happy that she agreed to have one of her Katiedid Headbands be the first Giveaway ever on TFBC!

Do yourself a service and check out Katie's Etsy Shop here. Looking for great gifts everyone loves? Look no further.

Katie sews these adorable elastic headbands from fun ribbons and other creative materials to bring you some stealthy stylish sporty fashion (say that 5 times fast).

Giveaway Rules and How To Win!:

Prize: One of the Katiedid Productions Headbands shown in the ab…

Carolyn + Joe - 6.23.12

Taking a little DIY and home remodeling break to bring you some more summer wedding details from my day-job wedding planning :)
Here are some lovely detail shots from Carolyn and Joe's June wedding -- seriously the nicest couple you will ever meet. It was truly a pleasure working with them as Carolyn and Joe brought together their dream wedding day.

Monogram Me

Remember that anniversary surprise coming from The Captain for our fifth wedding anniversary, celebrated a couple of weeks ago? It arrived.

The monogram necklace from Marley Lilly. Just beautiful. Timeless. Versitile. Classic.
You may remember when I mentioned this little gem in my current favorites post in June. I was beyond thrilled when it arrived last week (sorry about the delayed posting), and have worn it daily since. They also make it in silver and in various sizes and styles (necklace, ring, bracelet, etc.). 
When she saw it, my friend Cira asked "You down with K-P-P? Hey, you know me!" (just a 90s rap throwback shoutout to Cira).
If you haven't gathered this from my post, I just love it.

DIY Antique Rocking Chair Recover

I apologize in advance for not taking anywhere near the amount of photos I should have for this project! I promise lots of description instead.
First, a little background about this great rockin chair and footstool. According to my mother, her grandmother (my great-grandmother, Yiayia Maria), brought this over from Greece (or may have purchased it shortly after her arrival in America -- details are a little hazy) in the mid 1920s. There are unfortunately no markings that I have found to indicate Greek or American origination.
When I was in middle school (mid-1990s), my mother had this rocking chair restored from the tatters it was in to this state:

I remember finding the footstool in my parents' attic sometime while I was in college (early 2000s) and decided to adopt it to my dorm afte a little recover. After the rocking chair came to live with me in Chicago around 2006, I found a scrap of fabric in mom's storage that matched the chair and recovered the footstool. Score!

I'll Take You To The Candy Shoppe

A huge trend in many of the parties and weddings I've recently planned has been the Candy Shoppe Buffet. Above you can see an adorable pink and yellow themed buffet for a Sweet 16 Party. I used mostly old fashioned favorite candies, like lemonheads, rock candy, chocolate bbs, various gummies, M&Ms, and pinwheel lollipops (a huge favorite).

This wedding Candy Shoppe Buffet featured over 30 various types of candy, ranging from pixie sticks, lemonheads, bummies, ringpops, twizzlers, candy necklaces, and so much more!

This wedding Candy Shoppe Buffet was themed primarily light pinks and purples, which were a tad more challenging to put my hands on, but between the strawberry sticks, lollipops, and button candies, we put together quite a display.

Antique Family Trunk

If you're into antiques, go get a handkerchief for the drool you're about to, well, drool.

I present to you .... my coffee table.

This is the antique trunk originally belonged to The Captain's great-uncle and great-aunt when they were living in Greece in the 1910s. They immigrated in depression-era America and settled in Aurora, Illinois, where they lived out their lives. In 1953, they sent for one of their nephews, my father-in-law's older brother, to be sent to them in America to live and work. When his brother decided to go to Australia instead, my father-in-law was sent, and so our family's history in America began.

When my in-laws sold the family home were The Captain grew up, we found this old trunk in an attic closet, only containing some table linens and a few Greek dance costumes. I dutifully asked if my mother-in-law or sisters-in-law wanted it for their homes, fingers crossed they would all declined and it could come live at our house. I lucked out!