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Visit to Norfolk

This past week we spent time in Norfolk with the family! A few shots:

Calm Your Applause, I've Returned

Well, taking the month of August off from blogging was slightly bizarre. It was a crazy month around here -- the last 10 days of it, I was on vacation visiting friends in family between Washington, DC and Hampton Roads, Virginia (photos to come of the trip, including my surprise 30th Birthday Party!).

Prior to that, my day job was a bit busy, plus I've been working on LOTS of new designs at Check out some of the newest monogramsnotecards and baby shower invitations!

This morning a friend saw the above link for monograms and asked me "How did you get the names of all of the monograms?" I hope they don't mind, but I used the last names of my girlfriends to give them a shout out on my site :)

Also, I spend a good week working on lots of projects that you will see on The Final Boarding Call soon -- including MANY new recipes, Easy Sew Throw Pillows, Recovered Bamboo Chairs, Fall Centerpieces, and Recovered Wingback Chair (remember that great $…