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Tidy Housewarming Gifts

So sad to bid adieu to some of our favorite neighbors, but happy to welcome our new neighbors! I made these  for both the outgoing and incoming residents as a little housewarming gift.

In each little box:

Microfiber Dish TowelMini Mrs. Meyers Clean Day DishsoapGiant Clothespin (great for holding up a recipe card)Brightly colored spongesJar of homemade Lemon Hand Scrub

Ribbon Spool Dispensers

So I may have a ribbon problem. I love it, I buy it, and I have way too much of it (but really, is there such a thing as too much of any craft supply? I mean it's called a "supply" for a reason).

My bin 'o' ribbon wasn't cutting it as much as I'd like, and I found these vintage-looking straw holders at Wal-Mart -- love. And they are very prettily displayed on my bookcase now.

Boot Forms

Seriously, who doesn't hate their slouching boots when not in use? I searched around for "boot forms" but only came up with a few old-lady-looking options that cost an arm and a leg. But guess who's Dollar Tree had pool noodles this past weekend? Bingo. Cut it in thirds (or whatever height you want) and you have super cheap and functional boot forms.

Volumize Your Vases

I love this trick to take up space under a pillar candle when you're filling with a fun seasonal filler. You'll use half of the filler and get better height on shorter (and usually cheaper) pillar candles.

New Year, New Resolution to Keep.

When I ask my friends and family about the yearly resolutions many will make today, they often scoff, saying "It's just another thing not to do" or "No one ever keeps them anyway."

In 2011, I resolved to stop biting my nails. It took until about May to really get into the habit, and now, two years later, I'm no longer a nail biter.

In 2012, I resolved to keep my house tidier on a daily basis. No sweat. My house stayed "mother-in-law" ready throughout the year and does to this day. We had a side resolution to (finally) renovate the kitchen -- completed November 19.

So this year, as I nurse my well-earned champagne hangover, I resolve to do what I always said I would not resolve on New Years -- join a gym and actually go -- the whole year.

I've broken my resolution into more realistically attainable goals by quarter:

Jan-March: Go at least 3x per week, attending two group fitness classes and one day of cardio/weights on my own

April-June: Go at …

52 Weeks of Tips & Tricks

This year I will be posting 52 Weeks of Tips & Tricks to make your life a little easier. Feel free to email your own "ah-ha" moments to with a picture and we will feature viewer submissions throughout the year. Check back every Sunday!