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How to Add the Pinterest Pin It Bookmark Button to your iPad or iPhone

I've gotten the question recently on how to add the Pinterest Pin It Button to your iPad so you can easily add Pins from any site you visiting online.
Here you go!
Step 1. On your iPhone or iPad go into the Settings icon, then Safari and make sure that Open New Tabs in Background is on.
Make sure that Always Show Bookmarks Bar is turned on. Under privacy make sure Accept Cookies is set to From visited. And under the Security menu make sure JavaScript is set to on.Step 2. Open Safari and browse to Press the Share button within Safari and then Bookmark. Delete out the title and then type Pin It.
Select the Bookmarks Bar and then save the Bookmark. Don’t worry about the address being set to should now see your Pin It Bookmark saved in the top of your Safari browser.Step 3. Go into your Bookmarks, Bookmarks Bar then press Edit. Press the Right Arrow, then delete out address and copy …

Pink Pink Pink Birthday Party Inspiration

So so so in love with this sweet girly pink first birthday spread!
The top photo has a great backdrop make of ruffled fabric, with hanging paper fans above in hot pink and white. Tiered white platters and trays are perfect for pink and white pastries and sweets. Some pink and white strands of beads draped around give some visual interest.
Little pink and white gourmet cookies decorated with variations of first birthday cakes, initials, and more are great favors.
Every first birthday needs a smoosh cake! Pink rosettes and they best pink tutu keep the theme, only second to that fabulous cake face (Seriously, that's the same face I make when I see cake ).

Raffle Centerpieces

So many schools and church groups are getting ready for their spring carnivals and events this time of year -- what a better centerpiece than this one!
A tall, glass cylinder wrapped with raffle tickets, and topped with carnations and a pinwheel are inexpensive, festive, and thematic. Bonus points if you have this outside, so the pinwheel can blow a little in the wind :)

See any other cool centerpiece that would be carnival or raffle/fundraiser appropriate? Send them our way for a future post party at or post a link in the comments.