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Easy Guide: How to Address Envelopes for Wedding Invitations

So often I receive questions about how to address envelopes to guests with various professions and relationships. Here is a little quick reference guide I've put together for future use.

To a Married Couple
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hampton

A married couple with the same last name should be traditionally listed as Mr. and Mrs. followed by the male's first and last name. It is not incorrect to also list a married couple as "Mr. Albert and Mrs. Samantha Hampton".

To a Married Couple That Use Different Last Names
Mr. Ryan Paxton and Mrs. Marion Parker

When space permits, list both members of the couple on the same line. Each should be recognized with their own salutation and last name.

To an Unmarried Couple Living Together
Mr. Hunter Allen and Ms. Anna Peterson

List the male's name first and both names should be listed on the same line.

To a Same-Sex Couple
Ms. Salina Redding and Ms. Georgia Browning

You can include either member of the couple's name first, and both should …