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Homemade Chicken Halloween Costume

This year, I decided to make a chicken Halloween costume for Toula. 

So easy: 2 white feather boas 1 white onesie  Yellow tights Safety pins
I started at the top of the onesie loosely wrapping the boa around the onesie in a spiral formation, pinning it on the inside every 6" or so. About half way down, I needed to start the second boa. Be sure to avoid the arm holes so you can get your little one in and out of it through the bottom snaps. 
I had her wear an additional undershirt so the pins weren't against her body. She didn't put up a fuss at all! Such an easy, inexpensive costume that no one else had at the party (sorry Spider-Man and Elsa).
Stay fabulous,

Halloween decorating with school art

I know I am not alone in receiving an onslaught of "artwork" sent home from school. Aside from a Rubbermaid bin, I'm running out of display ideas.

Today, 6 Halloween pieces arrived in my daughter's backpack, too cute to toss. So I got to work with a 5 minute craft:
School Art Banner 1.0
I popped two holes in each piece to thread through a ribbon, creating a little display garland for my kitchen. 
Here is the final product:

Stay fabulous,